College of Engineering 2018-2019 Senior Design Projects


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PhD thesis award from EuroHaptics Society


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KIMMTE 3 Award

Fourth-year chemical and biological engineering students participated in the Third Chemical Engineering Design Event (KIMMTE 3) at Yıldız Technical University. After receiving several awards including First Prize in the first two KIMMTE events, our CHBI students continued KU’s fine track record at this year’s event. One group was awarded Second Pri

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Two of our faculty members have received 2019 BAGEP Awards given by Science Academy.

Asst. Prof. Didem Unat (Computer Engineering)Asst. Prof. Barış Yıldız (Industrial Engineering)The award given to outstanding young scientists includes funding for research for a duration of 2 years.

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2018 IEEE Turkey PhD Thesis Award!

Dr. Murat Kuşçu who is one of our 2017 PhD graduates has been honoured to receive 2018 IEEE Turkey PhD Thesis Award with the PhD thesis title “Nanoscale and Bio-inspired Communication Techniques for the Internet of Bio-Nano Things”.

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I started my postgraduate program at Koç University’s Department of Economics because I did not feel ready to leave this beautiful campus in order to add some memorable innovations I have accumulated in Koç after five years of graduating from Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of Koç University in 2011. I graduated from the Master’s program in Economics in 2013 and then I accepted to the Department of Economics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for doctorate program; I still continue my studies at MIT. I think that the most important added value that the Faculty of Engineering has provided me is the ability to think multidirectionally. With the core program of Koç University, you can take courses in many disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics, and you get the opportunity to become more than just a qualified engineer. With the flexibility that Koç University has provided to the students, if you are inclined to one of these disciplines either then your major and wish to pursue a career in the related area, the doors are widely open to you; As a matter of fact, my experience in my undergraduate education has progressed in this direction. I can say that the ability to think analytically and the mathematical infrastructure that I have gained through engineering education have been extremely beneficial to me in the field of economics. Of course Koç University is an institution that stands out with both academic and social contributions to the students. During my time at Koç, I participated in the activities of many student clubs at KU Volunteers from the Debate Club, and I had great experiences and amused myself. My advice to young Koç Students is that they should try to improve themselves socially as much as academically, through club activities and the opportunities that Koç University will provide.

Arda Gitmez

I graduated from Koç University, Department of Chemistry and Biology Engineering in 2013. KU which I entered very willingly, gave me countless opportunities for five years: various cultural activities, social responsibility projects, a strong academic education, the opportunity to work with highly valued teachers, the freedom to self-develop outside my field, the opportunity to participate in an exchange program… During my university education, I was able to do internships at global companies such as Unilever, Novartis and BASF. After graduation I joined BP and now I am working as a Strategy & Portfolio Specialist. I owe my self-confidence to the education and the vision I have received at Koç University which saved me through the times of succeeding in bussiness life even in my most inexperienced times. I believe that this accumulation will always support me in the coming years. In Koç University always felt that I was a member of a big family and received a great value. I have always felt the privilege of the freedom that this family has given in directing my own career. I would like to point out to the young people, who are in the most important period of their lives, that Koç University is a very valuable place that will be filled with education and social opportunities at world standards and will lead them to future goals.

Dilruba Ekici

Koç University is an institution that I always felt its value and support with me while studying and after graduating. Unlike many other institutions I have experienced so far, I feel that it is an institution that realy effects the people with its vision. In this respect, it plays a good leading role in shaping personality and consciousness in order to follow our dreams. I have been pursuing my aviation enthusiasm with the support and motivation of academics who have graduated from world renowned schools and have been in the Department of Aeronautics and Space Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology for two and a half years. I worked here as a research assistant during a postgraduate study as part of a project sponsored by the NASA Langley Research Center. After my experience in USA, I worked for two years in Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ – TAI). As of 2017, I am in a start-up company in Munich to work on innovative projects on navigation issues. Koç University makes you feel that it aims to train the students not only in national but also world-class successful individuals. Also has a great role in my self confidence in every international and intellectual environments that I have experianced after graduation. I am so glad to take the proud of being part of this family to everywhere I go.

Can Onur

I graduated from the Industrial Engineering department of the year 2015. Besides, I have minor major in Economics department. I participated in internship programs in five different institutions during my education and one long term (one year) in the sector. Participation in intensive internship programs was very effective in determining the sector and the unit I wanted to work in, after graduation. That’s why I’m at the top of my job satisfaction. After graduation; Being a graduate of Koç University and participating in internship programs made me choose between jobs rather than trying to find one. I had so much alternatives and started working the day I graduated. I am currently working as a Supply Chain specialist at Bayer. As a graduate who has a privilege of being a Koç University student, I wish all my candidate friends a successful life.

Ezgi Arık

From Our Students