Dr Melis Kayıkçı


I graduated from Koç University in 2006 with the degree in Computer Engineering. Then I completed my master’s degree in Computational Biology at York University in England. I then completed my doctorate in Bioinformatics in Cambridge University and MRC, Laboratory of Molecular Biology in 2011. I am still working at the MRC, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge as a postdoctoral investigator scientist. One of the main reasons I prefered Koç University was that it has a very successful department in engineering. The courses I took and the experiences I gained in the Computer Engineering department provided me with great ease during my graduate and doctoral studies. For bioinformatics, it is very important to have both the basics of computer programming and biology. I was able to adapt to graduate and doctoral programs without difficulty thanks to the training I had at Koç University in both areas. For example, Bioinformatics, one of the master’s courses I took in the last year of my education, affected me to decide about my working field.  Another reason I prefered Koç University was that the education language is %100 English. The fact that the education is given in English is a great advantage for students who want to continue studying or work abroad. Also the German course I took had made a lot of difference in working life. During my four years at Koç University, I was able to improve myself both academically and socially. Finally, Koç University is recognized not only in Turkey but also in the international arena. A great example for this is, I am currently working at MRC and the researchers are exchanging ideas frequently with some members of our faculty on various projects.