Çiğdem Altıntaş


My life at Koç University started in 2008 with the entitlement to enter the Department of Chemistry and Biology Engineering and the beautiful campus and facilities offered in the forest became the first factor I liked about in those years. Thanks to the friendship of the people I have known over time, the school has become meaning and valuable for me and Koç University has transformed to a home where I feel both love and respect. Moreover, we were taking our lessons from very valuable academicians, and they always had time for us out of class period, no matter how busy their programs were. We had even more opportunities to get to know ourselves and understand what we wanted to do, such as the tasks we can take in different clubs or work-study options (Sometimes I think, I wish I’ve used them more). I also had the opportunity to broadcast radio with my friends as much as working with students who were still studying in secondary school and aimed to endear them to learn. I also had the chance to become an Erasmus student at another university through Koç University. I then decided to stay in the academic environment more often than I wanted, and applied to the Master’s program in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Koç University. In my master’s degree, I started working on molecular modeling of gas separation performances of porous materials in Dr. Seda Keskin’s  consultancy, and I am currently a PhD student at Koç University. If we assume that our college years are the last years before we start to stand on our own feet, we can understand how important for us do self-definition and deciding what to do; I think Koç University is one of the most beautiful places that offer so much opportunity to help us in this process and are open to further development. My advise to my friends who has reached the opputunity to study at KU is; try to use all the possibilities by adopting Koç University and use even the ones who has never crossed their minds until nothing left be corious about., They must make friendships that will open their horizons, and feel themselves responsible to make our school may be even better. Good luck everybody!