Can Onur


Koç University is an institution that I always felt its value and support with me while studying and after graduating. Unlike many other institutions I have experienced so far, I feel that it is an institution that realy effects the people with its vision. In this respect, it plays a good leading role in shaping personality and consciousness in order to follow our dreams. I have been pursuing my aviation enthusiasm with the support and motivation of academics who have graduated from world renowned schools and have been in the Department of Aeronautics and Space Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology for two and a half years. I worked here as a research assistant during a postgraduate study as part of a project sponsored by the NASA Langley Research Center. After my experience in USA, I worked for two years in Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ – TAI). As of 2017, I am in a start-up company in Munich to work on innovative projects on navigation issues. Koç University makes you feel that it aims to train the students not only in national but also world-class successful individuals. Also has a great role in my self confidence in every international and intellectual environments that I have experianced after graduation. I am so glad to take the proud of being part of this family to everywhere I go.