Aytaç Aydoğan


Five beautiful years I spent at Koç University has passed by wonderful memories, unforgettable life experiences, high quality professional equipment and extensive knowledge that I had acquired. Though nearly ten years has passed over my graduation, in my social and business years, I see that the experience I had in my university was the most important factor in preparing me to life. I can clearly say that I received a few job offers when I graduated and that the most important factor behind my master / doctoral acceptance was the original education and experience I had at Koç University. I owe my first overseas experience (work & travel), my internship experience, my work experience, my infrastructure in my business life, the opportunity to be accepted to Cambridge University as a graduate student, to Koç University.  I am currently working as a fund manager at Ak Asset Management, which is one of the most important asset management companies in Turkey. All my friends who study at Koç University or willing to study in the future, know that next five years of your life will take a decisive role for the rest of their lives. So I’d like advise them to live this experiance as much as possible and use every advantage of global oppurtunities and always remember that they are a member of Koç Univerisity.