[vc_wp_text title=”Basic Principles”]The Social Security procedures both summer practices are completed by Human Resources.

Hiring companies where the summer practice is to be completed must have engineers on their payrolls and must be engaged in engineering projects. In addition to this procedure, students must also adhere to the summer practice rules of their undergraduate program for additional requirements determined based on their major and the relevant internship course. (APPENDIX 1/ChBi,COMP,ELEC,INDR,MECH)

Students who fail mandatory summer practice courses are not allowed to graduate.

Each Summer Practice must consist of at least 20 consecutive work days in summer in the same company. Students are required to take Summer Practice I ( 291) in the summer following the completion of their second year in the program, and Summer Practice II ( 391) in the summer following the completion of their third year in the program.

Double Major students whose both majors are in engineering must perform at least one summer practice for both majors.

Mandatory summer practice courses are assigned one of the Successful/Unsuccessful letter grades.

Registration through KUSIS to summer practice has been opened at the end of the spring semester and closed 20 days before fall semester. Summer Practice cannot be performed during academic semesters. Only students who have one course to graduate can complete their summer practice during an academic semester.

Summer practice in research centers is due to the program additional requirements.

You can reach the Summer Practice Procedure, Specific Rules of Your Program and main steps of process through the links below which are devided as our departments.