Course Equivalance

College of Engineering students who wish to take courses at undergraduate level education programs of other universities in Turkey or abroad should follow the following process. These steps are valid for the courses taken by the KU OIP or by your own means.

Before you go, you should get the pre-approval of the Faculty Administrative Board for the courses you’re planning to take from the other University. This is why you must have made your pre-approval application no later than 20 days before your departure date. Please fill the related form for pre-approval application.

Within two weeks of filling out the form, course approval procedures will be followed by the Dean’s Office and the decision of the Faculty Administrative Board regarding your application will be sent to your e-mail address.

If there will be a change in the courses you have already received pre-approval after you go, please repeat the pre-approval process by filling in the related form again by marking “Update” option.

When you return, please deliver your official transcript to the Dean’s Office.

If there is no inconsistency between your transcript and your Pre-Approval Decision, your final Faculty Administrative Board decision will be notified to the Registrar’s Office and post-decision processing will be carried out by the them.

Note: Students who are accepted by Inter-institutional Transfers must fill in the related form once they have completed their registration and their KU mail account has been activated.