Quest for scientific knowledge, learning new technologies, performing cutting edge research in engineering requires high quality graduate education. Turkish industry’s growing interest to compete with technologically advanced industries worldwide has increased the demand for skilled engineers who can develop and manage new technologies. Recognizing this need our M.S. program is established to prepare the future engineering leaders who can acquire, synthesize and apply interdisciplinary scientific knowledge to expand the technological foundations of their professions, to better serve the needs of the nation and improve the quality of life in general. The M. S. program is designed to foster applied engineering research in selected critical areas, which can stimulate innovative technologies, and have a beneficial impact on the Turkish industry and economy at large.


Ph.D. programs emphasize the discovery of new scientific knowledge through extensive research experience. Doctorate studies have the proper time frame to produce competitive research results and educate the future leaders of the profession. Potential opportunities for graduates of this program include academic careers worldwide, leadership positions in research and development organizations, and starting business ventures for commercialization of the new technologies. Applicants to the Ph.D. programs must have a B.S. or M.S. degree in a related area (for specific information, we refer to the websites of the programs you are interested in). Applicants with degrees in other disciplines may be required to take a small number of undergraduate courses to cover deficiencies in their background