Computer Engineering Research

The advances in computing and information processing are transforming society. Computer Science and Engineering conducting cutting-edge research in the areas of artificial intelligence, human-computer-interaction, parallel computing, distributed systems and networks, cryptography, security, robotics, bioinformatics and systems biology, speech processing, computer vision, natural language processing.

Research Areas of Faculty

Barış Akgün (Fall 2016) Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Perception for Manipulation

Engin Erzin Speech signal processing, multimedia signal processing, pattern recognition, human-machine interaction, affective computing.

Attila Gürsoy Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Computational Structural Biology, Biological Networks, Computational Molecular Medicine, Systems Pharmacology, High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing.

Alptekin Küpçü Cryptography, Security, Privacy, Security in Cloud Computing Systems, Security in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networks, Cryptology and Game Theory, Theoretical Computer Science.

Öznur Özkasap Distributed computing systems, Peer-to-Peer systems and algorithms, Scalable reliable network protocols, Energy efficiency, Cloud computing systems, Computer networks, Mobile Ad hoc networks, Security in distributed systems, Parallel computing.

Metin Sezgin Multimodal Human-Computer Interfaces, Affective Computing and Affective Interfaces, Pen-Based Computing, Computer Graphics and Animation, Intelligent Driver Monitoring Systems, Statistical Techniques in Medicine, Machine Learning and Computer Vision Applications.

Serdar Taşıran (on leave)  Formal verification, concurrency, software engineering tools, transactional memory.

Didem Unat Parallel and Multicore Computing, Exascale Computing, Parallel Language, Library and Tool Design, Compiler Optimization and Code Generation, Performance Modeling and Prediction, Parallel Application and Software Development.

Yücel Yemez 3d vision and graphics, Multimodal signal processing for human computer interaction, 3d motion capture and analysis, 3d modeling and reconstruction, Machine learning.

Deniz Yüret Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Natural language processing.

Research Labs and Groups


parcore_research_webParallel and Multicore Computing Laboratory
Didem UnatRead More »


Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology
Attila Gürsoy, Özlem KeskinRead More »


Multimedia, Vision & Graphics Laboratory
Engin Erzin, Murat Tekalp, Yucel Yemez, Metin SezginRead More »


Intelligent User Interfaces Lab
T. Metin SezginRead More »


Cryptography, Security, and Privacy Group
Alptekin KüpçüRead More »


Research Center for Multicore Software Engineering
Serdar TaşıranRead More »


Artificial Intelligence Lab,
Deniz YüretRead More »